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“Let the music carry you along.”

With the advancement around the world, what has not changed is how music overruled the life of a human. Music was an essential part of human civilization since the beginning. With its soothing and calm nature, Music is a gift that everyone craves for. And for this, Instruments were developed to provide the acoustic effect to the music.


we are the sole dealers in Gujarat that ensure the right temperature and humidity level of guitar for better playback. We are known in Gujarat for our exclusive custom made guitars.


These custom made guitars are made on the order of those who want to add special effects to their instrument. With our premier service of custom made guitars, we try our best to provide high-quality instruments.
Being the significant service provider in Gujarat, we make sure of implying high-quality products to amplify the uniqueness and beauty of your product. As a small batch builder, the quality control and precision are unmatched and incomparable to those massively imported instruments. The necks are precision, slick, and easy to play with flawless fretwork and low action.

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Free Shipping

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On Over Order $500.

Great Guitar Brands!

Get your hands on our supreme quality Guitars specifically designed to meet the needs of your musical life.

Our USP’s are Commitment and Perfection. Eli Guitars is known for its commitment before and after the delivery of the final product. Every guitar manufactured and service provided by us will ensure perfection and timely delivery.


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