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The cornerstone of every successful business is the reliable services it offers to its customers. Eli Guitars has the indispensable knowledge and experience required in manufacturing and designing of guitars. Here is the gamut of services that our company offers to our clients.

Guitar Electronics Repair and Installations

Our company provides bespoke servicing of all guitar electronics which comprises components repairs and installation, preamp installation, and modification of body and hardware installation to lodge new wiring. Also, we offer custom wiring service, which includes coil splitting, phase switching, and series/parallel switching. We also install an under saddle or transducer pickup on an acoustic instrument. Ourtechnicians have the ability to install a standard three-lug potentiometer and switching of the potentiometer for new functionality. All these services are available at one-stop Eli Guitar to amplify your musical sound.

Setup & TLC

Guitar is made to be adjusted, from neck to the tailpiece. Don't expect any guitar, new or used, to be at it's best until it's Setup correctly. Our Setup & Tender Loving Care (TLC) makes any guitar to play in tune & feels great in hand. We use finest quality of Oils, Lubricants & Polish to service guitar. Our setup service includes Re-stringing, Truss Rod Adjustment, String Length Compensation (Known as Intonation), Nut slot cutting, Lubrication of Hardware, Pickup height adjustment, Machine head setup & an overall cleaning of the instrument.  


Refretting a guitar is a huge undertaking and comprises tons of steps and small details. Eli Guitars has a proficiency to refret your guitar by manufacturing new nuts and frets as well to combine and fix it in the instrument. Although it’s a long process, our team invest best efforts to make it play even better than it did when it was new. Also, we make use of Tough wearing high quality fret wire stock to make it work like professional guitars.

The bridge is a vital component of an acoustic guitar. This part is manufactured from ebony or rosewood which is glued to the upper part of the guitar serving a critical function. We at Eli Guitars make use of
supreme quality Titebond and Hot Hide Glue to stick the bridge back. Our fresh appliance of conditioning oil makes it look firmly intact with accurate precision and points. We specialize in Bridge Plate Repair / Replacement & Bridge Crack Repair. Avail this service with high-quality precision at the multiplex company, Eli Guitars.

Acoustic Guitar Bridge Repair

Crack Repairing of Guitars

Cracks in the woods of the guitar are usually repairable depending on the degree of severing. We at Eli Guitars offer our clientele the service of crack repairing which make them disappear completely. During the time of repairing cracks, it is essential that the separated halves are aligned properly and work is done clearly. The finish dings while repairing are closely inspected to check that it doesn’t impact the wood. Our UV-finished equipped center can easily touch up dings and in some cases, makes them disappear. Avail our crack repairing at an optimal rate for better playability.

Refinishing a guitar is the superior service of Eli Guitars as it is performed with varied vintage and exotic colours to provide a refined and fresh look. Colour is a powerful force that stirs and evokes many feelings. With our aim to drive the viewer with the guitar, we conduct district level finishing with a high-quality lacquer. Also, our service emcompasses of the repainting of the guitar back into the same texture, colour, and exotic look. All the colours used are sustainable in nature to avoid any impact when it comes in contact with humans. Get your guitars transformed with us.

Refinishing/Repainting the Guitars

Inlay Designing of Guitars

With generational knowledge and cutting-edge technology, Eli Guitar specializes in custom inlay and guitar inlay designing service. The designers of our company are aware of all aspects of craft and know-how to bring life to an image through inlay. We have wide experience in developing initial concepts to final sketches with great skill, focus, attention and precision. Our company maintains an on-site inventory of source materials including laminates and blacks, wood, metals etc to provide the best inlay designed product. In addition to offering custom inlay and high-quality Luthier service to improve the play-ability, we also offer a complement of woodworking equipment.

Pickup Winding / Re-Winding in Guitars

Pickup Winding / Re-Winding is an essential task which directly affects the sound of your electric guitar. A guitar pickup is essentially a series of magnets wrapped a thousand of times wound an insulated copper wire which generates a magnetic field, voltage is formed when string vibrates, travels through cables, and finally leaves an amp as a sound.
Although the tone of the sound is determined through various factors, it is generated from pickup sound. We have the specialised team to conduct this task to bring the exact and right tone back to your guitar. So, get your feet towards Eli Guitar and avail the pickup service for better sound effect.

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